female artists who are based in the Asian underground scene

Let's introduce female artists who are based in the Asian underground scene.



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Ai Shinohara/篠原愛

An adolescent girl changes to a goldfish ?

Ai Shinohara (Japanese painter)

Ai Shinohara(篠原愛) is a Japanese painter, known for her distinctive, erotically, grotesque charged portrayals of young, adolescent girl.Many of the girls she paints change into fish and it is a very surrealistic work.

Shinohara says that the mermaid represents "evolution process of the girl".


She was born in Kagosima,Japan on 1984.at the age of 8,she moves from Amami Oshima that is rich natural island in the East China Sea to Kyushu, Japan mainland.She grew up surrounded by a rich natural environment and Japanese subculture such as manga and animation.


She has a B.A from the Department of Painting, Oil Painting Course of Tama Art University, Tokyo.In 2006, she joined "GEISAI # 10" produced by  Takashi Murakami when he was still a university student. There she got a high rating.In 2007, she debuts her first solo exhibition at Gallery Q in Tokyo. 


In 2016, her work was used for poster of Sion Sono's movie "Anti Porn".

Currently she is based in Tokyo.

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There are no beautiful women among Araki's women.

Today afternoon,I went to Shinjuku Opera City to see Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki's solo exhibition.


As I had been thinking long ago, I was convinced today.There are no beautiful women among Araki's women.


All the young ladies are away from their eyes and their proportions is not so good. If it is a middle-aged woman (married woman series), their body has no tightening and is fat. Everyone is an ordinary lady who seems to work in a neighborhood convenience store and supermarket.


On Twitter "Kishin Shinoyama takes pictures with beautiful unlovely, but Nobuyoshi Araki takes unlovely as unlovely" commented,I see.


I wonder if Araki love unlovely. Probably not.


Suehiro Maruo

Suehiro Maruo

Godfather of Japanese underground comic

Shojyo Tsubaki
Shojyo Tsubaki
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ジェフリー・リラマン / Geoffrey Lillemon