Zihling -a monster looking like a doll

a monster looking like a doll

zihling(Taiwanese artist)

Zihling is Taiwanese artist from Taoyuan, Taiwan.She is known as one of the most popular Popsurrealists in Taiwan.She is very inspired by the idea of empowered femininity, creating sweet ambience but with a bit a twisted darkness.


Zihling defines the girl in the work as “a monster looking like a doll”.by creating an ideal girly world, but the youthful girl in it is not quite a girl but a creature of figurine blurring the line between human and non-human.


Also Influence by Japanese and American animations, comic books, movies, and Lowbrow art since she was a child, She embark on an artistic career, excelling in digital drawing and pencil drawing.


Zihling often collaborates with artists of other genres, such as doll artist 草本菟刻 and musician Aristophanes貍貓 .in addition collaborates with Taiwanese Lolita fashion brand "Little Rose Planet"


She is expected as a Rowbrow artist crossing all genres in Taiwan.