Suehiro Maruo

Suehiro Maruo

Godfather of Japanese underground comic

Shojyo Tsubaki
Shojyo Tsubaki



January 28,1956


Nationality Japan


movement Punk,Garo,Ero-Guro
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Suehiro Maruo( born January 28, 1956 in Nagasaki, Japan)  is a Japanese manga artist,illustrator, key person of the Japanese underground movement between the 1980-2000.He is named "Ero-Guro" from all over the world. 


Maruo's aesthetic is developed from subtle amalgams of many sources like Mark Ryden,from Edogawa Ranpo, Yumeno Kyusaku, Edgar Allan Poe, Luis Bunuel, Tod Browning, Max Ernst, Salvador Dali,other gotich arts.


Most of Maruo's works depict sex & violence.  His Works are classified in the category "erogro: ero-guro" in Japan, and are sometimes referred to  as muzan-e (a subset of Japanese ukiyo-e depicting violence or other atrocities.) .


Maruo's Masterpiece is Shojo Tsubaki ,the main character of the work,Midori is now widely recognized as a Maruo's representative character. It was animated  film by the title "MIDORI" by Hiroshi Harada in 1992,also in 2016, it was filmes live-action movie by the director TORICO.


Maruo was mainly active in avant-garde manga magazine Garo or porn magazine from debut to around 1990,but  From the mid-1990s, began to been working in popular magazines.


In 2009, he  received the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Awards Rebirth Award for "Panorama Island  (Original Edogawa Rampo)." and widely attracted. Since then,increased works based on classical masters such as Edogawa Rampo,Kyusaku Yumeno.