Taiwan Underground

The mainstream of asian rowbrow art may become Taipei in the future. The spirit of Memento Mori caused by  the tension with the mainland China lit their lives.

Taiwan Underground is a cultural movement which consists of Taiwanese who are active in Taiwan's underground scene and overseas artists.It is composed of a variety of artists such as painters, illustrators, manga artists, contemporary artists, photographers, doll authors, models and musicians.


Many Japanese artists work beyond the boundaries of high and low culture, while Taiwan underground artists, like Los Angeles' Rowbrow art movement, are competing with high art, or distance themself from.It is not an exaggeration to say "Taiwanese Lowbrow",the expression is inspired by Japanese subculture, but it is more extreme.


Illustrator Zihling is one of the most well-known artists in the Taiwanese underground scene. Besides, the psychedelic painer LIAO YEN-WE (料燕尾) which run a avant-guard gallery "Maggot chu; jun" in Taichung,LING ZI TONGXUE(靈子同學) which is active in many fields such as painter, performer, tattoo artist and so on.


Manga coffee & gallery in Taipei "Manga Sick" is known to deal with works of underground artists.It deals not only Taiwanese  but also Japanese and Hong Kong.