female artists who are based in the Asian underground scene

Let's introduce female artists who are based in the Asian underground scene.



Michiru is a Japanese rock musician.One of the members of the underground rock band "Mizuiroaka". She wears kimonos in daily life as well as on rock stage . The Western-style tattoo and Japanese kimonos are match.


She resembles "Yamamura Sadako" appearing in the horror film "Ring".In fact, she has produced a number of self portraits that were influenced by Sadako.

Kyoko Sakata[坂田鏡子]


Kyoko Sakata is a Japanese musician who sing with a guitar.She is based in Okayama.On May 16th, 2014, She debuted at the live house Pepperland in Okayama. Before,it seems that she was a singer who called Hamayo.She always dressed all in black or kimono.


Many of her works expresses depressed mother-child relationships.The word "mother" appears in many of the lyrics such as"crazy mother" and "I am detained by my mother".In live, she sometimes puts a Japanese doll next to her,perhaps she might identifies with the doll.